Under your shade

Under your Shade Cross

I love living under your shade

and your cover is one prayer away.

I know that when I’m afraid,

you can listen to everything I say.


There’s no need to worry

because you are always near,

and when I’m feeling sorry

I repent and it all turns clear.


Lord I know I can count on you,

you are always and forever my protection.

You make everything brand new

and you take care of my redemption.


I am finally free from sin

something I could have never foreseen,

and now that I know you more

I’m sure it’s my faith you want to restore.


I love living under your shade,

and it is true that you are my refuge.

Some might have you as a facade,

but to me, your truth comes like a deluge.


I just want to say thank you, Lord,

for everything you have done and for giving me your Word.

I never want to go back to who I used to be

and it’s your true love the one thing that sets me free.


Under your shade LOVE

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I’ve finally taken the plunge! Having a website is something I’ve been wanting to do for long and I finally decided to follow many entrepreneurs’ mantra: “Start before you’re ready”. So this is it. I decided to create my website about God and His love because I believe He is the only reason I am still here. I want to dedicate my life to Him by helping and serving others as much as I can.

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