20 Names of God and their Meaning

20 Names of God

God wants all of us, especially when it comes to worship. When we know and understand the names of God, we are able to worship Him better as we include them in this important part of our relationship.

In this post, you’ll find a list of 20 names of God.

If you want to add another name to this list, please do so in the comments. Your input would be very helpful to all of us who want to know God better, every day.

  1. Jehovah/YAHWEH:
    • Meaning: Lord. The original name of God. It comes from YHWH. This word is made of four Hebrew letters (Yod, He, Waw and He) called the “Tetragrammaton.”
  2. Jehovah-Elohim or Elohim alone:
    • Meaning: all powerful God. (plural form of El or Eloah – Trinity: In the book of Genesis where “Elohim” is first found, verse 1:26 God says, “Let us make man in our image.”).
  3. El Shaddai:
    • Meaning: “God Almighty”.
  4. El Elyon:
    • Meaning: “God the Highest, God most high”.
  5. El Roi:
    • Meaning: “The God who sees”.
  6. El Olam:
    • Meaning: “The everlasting God.”
  7. Jehovah-Jireh:
    • Meaning: “The Lord will provide”.
  8. Jehovah-Rafa:
    • Meaning: “The Lord that heals”.
  9. Jehovah-Nissi:
    • Meaning: “The Lord is my banner”. Reminder: We fight the good fight of faith.
  10. Jehovah-M’Kaddesh:
    • Meaning: “The Lord who sanctifies, who makes holy”.
  11. Jehovah-Shalom:
    • Meaning: “The Lord is peace”.
  12. Jehovah-Tsidkenu:
    • Meaning: “The Lord our righteousness”.
  13. Jehovah-Sabaoth:
    • Meaning: “The Lord of Hosts, the Lord of Armies” A reminder of the wonderful truth that He fights our battles, wins our wars and is the refuge we can run to in time of need.
  14. Jehovah-Rohi:
    • Meaning: “The Lord is my Shepherd”. He guides us and protects us.
  15. Abba:
    • Meaning: Father. Reflects the intimacy can have with God, similar to the one that a child has with his/her father.
  16. Adonai:
    • Meaning: Lord. Master, owner.
  17. Ancient of Days:
    • Meaning: Refers to both the Father and Christ. See Daniel 7: 13 and 22 (King James Version).
  18. Creator:
    • Meaning and use: God; the Creator of everything, He has done, formed, sustained governed and judged everything.
  19. Liberator:
    • Meaning and use: God and Jesus Christ. God sets us free from sin, its bondage, and ultimate condemnation through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross. Just as God set His people free from the pharaoh.
  20. Redeemer:
    • Meaning and use: God and Jesus Christ. In Exodus God tells the people of Israel: “I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment”. Jesus or Yeshua in Hebrew, meaning “God delivers or saves” is the human expression and embodiment of God as our Savior and Redeemer.

Here is an infographic with 10 of the names of God included above:

10 Names of God infographic

I hope this post has helped you to learn some names we can call our Father and include them in your worship.

If you think this might be helpful to someone you know, don’t hesitate and share it with them.

Also, please comment below and let us know about other names you know and use to worship the Lord, or you can always jump to our private Facebook group. What has helped you internalize these names and make them part of your daily worship? What could you tell others regarding this topic?

Be gracious and don’t forget God’s love never fails.

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