About this website

This is a ministry website inspired by the amazing transformation I’ve experienced in the past 3 years thanks to God’s infinite grace and never-failing love.

It’s been created to inspire others to seek the Lord and rely on His promises and trust Him above all; to share His Word and the many teachings He has awaiting all of us. Besides, I created it for myself too. To remind me of the many, many reasons why God is the love of my life and why I live for Him.

Sometimes we just get caught up in a routine and unfortunately it has happened to me with the most important relationship too… I am super excited about everything I’ve learned and I tell to myself that I’m going to be the way God just told me I should be, or I’ll start doing this and stop doing that…. Turns out, an hour later (or less) I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to leave behind. As I’ve written some of the posts, I’ve found it refreshing and it’s worked as a reminder of the amazing things I’ve learned these years.

Even though very important lessons linger and resonate in my mind, I’ve realized that many of the little (but important) things I learned at the beginning are left behind unconsciously. It’s amazing how this exercise of retracing and looking back on the first lessons have brought a new life to this journey.

That’s why I encourage you to do the same, maybe not on a website or blog but on a notebook or whatever you prefer. You can re-read something you studied about the Word or listen again to a great sermon you heard. Write your “new” thoughts about it and what you’ve learned about your relationship with God ever since.

Finally, this website is also about building a community. A community that aims at supporting people from every background by giving a true sense of comfort and safety where we can all share our experiences and seek advice to have a better, closer relationship with God.


About me

About page Never failing love

My name is Anamaria Uruena, I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I studied Modern Languages and I have been a teacher/tutor for approximately 4 years. This is also the time I’ve been married to an amazing, loving, supporting man.

I am a Christian looking forward to spreading God’s love and Word all over the world. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with the renewed hope and joy that Jesus Christ has given me. I also love traveling, so one of my dreams is to travel the world and reach out to people (and one day – God willing – to entire communities) and let them know about our amazing Savior.

I truly believe that everybody’s ultimate purpose is to serve and adore the Creator. So I would love to help others somehow while we all discover how to do this in a more focused and efficient way to really live up to God’s purposes and plans for all of us.

I honestly want to thank you for visiting this website and I encourage you to actively participate in this adventure by commenting, sending me a message (in case you may need any advice or if you’re looking for encouragement, which you think I might be able to give you), joining our Facebook private community, and encouraging others to join us.


Be gracious and always remember that God’s love never fails.